Illusion Collection

The Illusion Collection

An Exciting Family of Vibrant Coatings That Product a Durable and Unique Finish

Illusion refers to the magical transformation of how your senses interpret stimulation, creating a mirage of beautiful color changing special effects. This is the basis for Alestra Illusion Collection. The wavelength of the reflected light changes continuously with the viewing angle (a phenomenon known as color flop), creating unique and beautiful finishes, making the possibilities unlimited.

Formulated in super durable TGIC-Polyester chemistry, the Illusion Collection is beautiful, weatherable, and UV resistant. Illusion powders are designed as decorative finishes where exterior durability is a requirement. The illusion collection is designed as a one-coat system, which reduces labor and material costs, and can be used on an array of items both exterior and interior.

Ideal Applications:

- Motorcycle Parts

- Metal Office Furniture

- Recreational Equipment

- Lawn and Garden Equipment

- Displays and Wire Shelving

- Small and Large Appliances

- Tool Boxes

Features and Benefits:

- Designed as a one-coat system

- UV and corrosion resistant

- Exceptionally smooth and glossy finishes

- Available in 5LB boxesAn Exciting Family of Vibrant Coatings That Produce a Durable and Unique Finish.